Where there are orders, there are stocks/canceled orders. Especially under the current economic depression situation. While sourcing apparel stocks directly from factories/manufacturers is a big challenge.

Buyers and seller face the below difficulties:

1-Brand holders don’t want to see their brand sold everywhere, especially on the internet. While factories have invested much (fabric cost, labor cost) on production, and not willing to offer very competitive price.

2-Buyers are always concerned with authenticity and quality of products.

Generally speaking, factories/manufacturers do not have connections with apparel stock buyers and there are many brokers/traders on China stocks market, so there are problems:

-Price of stock increase at each intermediary
-Most brokers/traders have not idea about apparel business, they can not check product quality and other info.
-Stock price might vary a lot, as different brokers want different profits–most have no idea on costs of buyers side. And as a result, buyers will be confused.
-Some brokers/traders are just trying to test the water, they offer very low price and when they have buyers, they try to negotiate with factory again. Therefore, the deal might not be done.

The best solution possible:
1, As there will be middleman/broker involved, better there is only one;
2, The middleman/broker should be professional on the apparel field. MUST be a know-how in the apparel industry.
3, The middleman/broker should be able to provide value-added services, including quality and quantity inspection, communicate with forwarders and so on.

International trade is a big project, China is world factory and most brands are producing in China, there are lots of apparel stocks available in China. China Grand Crown Industrial Limited, with professionals in apparel export field many years, will be your ideal partner in China. We will help you source authentic stocks from China (rather than replicas) with the best price possible.

We understand, as a trading company, our key advantages are clear communication, professionality, and fast action.

A win-win cooperation is our goal.