Special apparel stock/liquidation/overstock/closeouts offer-Men’s bulletproof vest, can be used as fishing vest.

We would like to mention it as fishing vest, because bulletproof vest will need some certification.

Here is the background of this stock:
1, We visited a woven factory to check available stocks;
2, The factory manager said he sold this vest last year, to a trader who sell in China, but this trader only sold very small quantity now, wishing we can help;
3, This vest order was placed to factory via a trading company from Shanghai, China and factory have no idea on who the final client is;
4, We went to the trader’s warehouse and shoot pics shown on attached excel document;
5, The trader bought this stock at much higher price and now willing to sell at lower price, so long as can sell on take all basis;
6, We checked all information available from hangtags, labels, shipping marks, but found no information useful-factory and the trader can not provide any information, they do not understand other languages except Chinese.

Here is the brief information, please click CONTINUE to see product pics.

Description: Men’s Bulletproof Vest, Fishing Vest-Armors removable
Style#: A1358D
All Clear (FOB): contact us
Quantity: 28,000pcs
Size range: S,M,L,XL,XXL
Colors: 4 colors, see pics
Brand: Sky Rider
Fabric: Shell: 35% silk, 10% wool, 24% cotton, 26% linen, 5% viscose; Lining: 100% polyester
Original market: UNKNOW