​Dear All,

This is a special offer, which we can call it as THE TO BE WIN-WIN COOPERATION in apparel stock/liquidation/closeouts field.

Here is some background to share:

  • I have worked in the apparel field for more than 16 years, and confident to say me and my company are professional in the apparel field;
  • We have connections with factories which produce for the brands year after year, and surely, they have apparel stocks-every professional in the apparel field should know that factory always produce some extras to avoid short of shipment on ordered quantity from brands;
  • We have sourced many brands and exported in the past years;
  • Due to the increasing cost on labor, many big factories move to new emerging countries, such as Viet Nam, India, Bangladesh, to keep price competitive;
  • One of our factories, which produce for Ralph Lauren Polo, moved to Viet Nam and continue producing for this brand;
  • Due to the shipment cost from Viet Nam to China (Can not export to your country directly due to some restrictions), we can not supply small quantity Ralph Lauren Polo from China;
  • Therefore, after dicussing with the factory, we would like to try to have more clients interested in this brand and so it is possible to continue the business.


  • We source directly from manufacturing factories, and therefore, there is NO AUTHORIZATION LETTER or RELEASE LETTER available;
  • We do honest business and do not want to hurt the brands;
  • And to solve the problem, all brand labels will be BLACK CROSSED or CUTTED.

We hereby invite all potential clients contact us and discuss the potential cooperation, we will have continuous supply on this brand-RALPH LAUREN POLO and we will supply at good price, good quantliy, thanks!

Please click COUNTINUE to see style the factory producing now and factory pics.