Dear Norman,

Here is your contact info.:
Contact: Norman Fogel
Company: Royal Wear Inc.
Address: 5220 New Utrecht Avenue, Suite B-2, Brooklyn, NY 11219, United States of America
Direct Line: (718) 506-0911
Cell: (917) 754-7897 (+19177547897)
Fax (718) 506-0914
Skype: Normanfogel

Regarding our business dispute, confirm we have not signed contract, but you have made your promises, and your attitude toward your promise is totally not like a businessman.

We hereby summarize as below, if you have any disagrees, please contact us, we will provide more details here.
1, We met in Shanghai, China in Jul., 2018 and before we talk face to face, we have communicated via email on a kid’s swimwear stocklot;
2, On Jul. 17, 2018, you confirmed will take all the kid’s swimwear stocklot and then we take all the stocklots from factory and checked product quality, re-packed the products. We did not ask for deposit, because you have promised will buy!
3, On Jul. 27, 2018, we start pushing you on the payment, but you advised your China sourcing agent will help pay, on the next day, we send you and your agent invoice, packing list, packing details;
4, On Sep. 07, 2018, your agent advised you will pay us directly;
5, And from the above time on, we called you, contacted you on whatsapp and via emails, you never replied! It has been 4 months since we finished packing of the stocklot.

Whatever your excuses are, you are not keeping your promises and not acting as a serious businessman.

Please click continue to see the chat log of our whatsapp communication, which shows our summary above is true. And again, we welcome your contact if you have any disagrees!